This is Lauraig (usually located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Yes, there really is a place called Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It's not a mythical paradise like Shangri La or Brigadoon. In fact, it's neither mythical nor a paradise. See for yourself.

Lauraig is not a house but it is a home. It's whenever I'm with Bev. It's whatever I'm doing with my kids and grandkid. It's wherever I meet my friends. It's where I'd hang my hat, if I had a hat.

I've spent more time working on the dancers' web-site, lately. I'll get back to this one eventually. Keep watching!

In the meantime, here's some stuff that will give some idea about me:
Cultural Pursuit A little more than a recreational interest.
Vehicle (Actually mine's not quite that new but it's pretty good. Make me an offer!)
Alma Mater
Summer Recreation
Winter Recreation
Volunteer Interests
Continuing Education